Brain – Meet Computer…

Emotiv brain-computer interface
(EEG augmentation)

Brain-Computer Interface technology transforms brain activity into data that can be analyzed digitally, thus serving as input for interactive systems. Advances in brain imaging and cognitive neuroscience are now allowing us to interface with the brain directly. Principles and design patterns that enable us to take advantage of brain data can now be utilized to build systems that are more efficient. There is a growing number of resources on the feasibility of using brain and body sensors to monitor brain activity/user engagement and leverage this information for advanced computing and learning. This research review explores the basics of BCI, the relationship between BCI and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and the role of BCI in human learning activities such as reading.

HCI practitioners are studying ways to use as many neural networks yielded by BCI as possible. The study of BCI is just another advancement in the field of Human-Computer Interaction and the objective to build systems that cater to the cognitive, physiology, and environmental processes of the user.

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