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Defining Problems. Creating Solutions.

Improving the Lives of Users.

Bennumedia is an Experience Design Studio specializing in User Experience Consulting and Project Management.


About Our Company

Why Bennumedia?

Bennumedia is a design studio here to help you with your dreams and digital design goals. Dreams don’t always occur when your sleeping, but when they come we are obligated to follow them. Following dreams and developing, concepts are a lot like following the elusive white rabbit down the mystical hole.  It is not always easy to see these ideas evolve into the products and services you envision. Support is needed. More than support, what is required is someone or something that believes in your concepts as much as you do. This is the reason for Bennumedia.

Bennumedia focuses on taking the concepts of our clients and turning them into the first parts of a tangible reality. Whatever that dream or idea maybe we want to be the company that provides you with support through design leadership, product management, project management, visual design, digital development and deployment of your ideas to the world. We develop the appropriate teams to help you meet your objectives. Sometimes that means just one designer, sometimes it means an entire project team. Whatever the scope, we try to accommodate your needs.


The Origin of Bennu

The Bennu bird serves as the Egyptian correspondence to the phoenix and is said to be the soul of the Sun-God Ra. Some of the titles of the Bennu bird were “He Who Came into Being by Himself,” “Ascending One,” and “Lord of Jubilees.” The name is related to the verb “weben,” meaning “to rise brilliantly,” or “to shine.” This Egyptian bird is the perfect symbol of what our company stands for.

We are a company created to service those that have an idea that needs to be brought to Life. Just as the Bennu bird gave birth to itself, so it tends to be the same with good ideas. They tend to rise from ashes, giving birth to themselves and at the same time improving the environment around them.


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